A Note from the Diary's Editor

I was shocked to hear of Roger Ebert's death. I hadn't visited his blog for a while, but earlier today I read on his Journal of his ambitious plans for his site, his show, his festival—his work. And then less than an hour ago I hear that he's gone. I will not attempt the right words; I simply want to express my deep sense of loss for someone who taught me much about the movies, particularly the need to admit that the movie doesn't occur only on the screen but in your head, and if it's of any worth it takes up residence in there and effects changes—in you, in the other movies you've seen, in the way you see other things. I am grateful for Mr. Ebert's help in realizing that, and I look forward to that fine day when I will sit with him—and Gene Siskel and Carlos Clarens and Orson Welles and Tarkovsky and so many more—and pass the popcorn and watch a great many great movies.

 God bless you, Roger Ebert. "The pain then is part of the happiness now."


  1. I probably never would've found this place if Ebert hadn't dropped the link into his blog a few years ago. So that's another thing I can thank him for, too.

    1. Eric, those were kind words; I thank you as I have dear Roger for his little thumbs-up my way.

    2. That's also how I found Paul's blog. Losing Roger has been quite the blow.

    3. Jim Emerson has written a piece on Roger; I haven't read it yet, but I'm pretty sure it will choke me up. Still not processing what the loss of Roger means to my movie-watching.

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