March 30, 1983 [Return of the Jedi]

Have I gone too far to admit I wanted to walk into Return of the Jedi and find out what all that light and movement felt like on my face? I can barely recall the plot, but I wonder if Princess Leia was cold in her metal bikini, and whether Luke felt better when Han jammed him into the dead thing to warm him up. And I wanted to hop on one of those sky-cycles and see if special effects would keep me from hitting a tree while the sky went white with the Empire's rayguns and the green-red-yellow-blue of outer space waited for the next quick leap straight up.

--And one more thing: a kind of melancholy triumph, the last comic book page turned, and there's the hero waving goodbye to loyal readers--not quite Superman's last look at the end of his movie, more like folding shut the big box you pack up before going away to college, hoping no one throws away your stuff, you might need it one night after seeing a movie with toys.


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