June 27, 1982 [Blade Runner, The Thing]

After seeing Blade Runner and The Thing, I'm not sure I want to hear the answer to the Shakespearean question, "Am not I your Rosalind?" Philip Kaufman's recent remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers certainly didn't mind asking, had his lovers disguise and conquer as they liked--and his answer was an accusatory screech; but these movies, despite all their crazy-cool extravagances (John Carpenter's perhaps even more so, leading one character to gape and exclaim the same exasperated incredulity of the audience), make the walls of uncertainty close in on us, paranoia not perfect awareness but a maze without an exit.

Ridley Scott makes us side with the replicants--and once we do, we can never turn back, we want everyone to be robots, we want nothing more to do with people. In The Thing we just get cold--the dwindling humanity also sick of each other, ready to see monsters and be done with it. And even though Kurt Russell--wearing the single greatest hat in the history of cinema since Chaplin's--enjoys himself immensely as the closest Thing in the room to John Wayne, he also ends up in the same befuddled heap--although Mac saw it coming before the movie began, always more than willing to admit, "Trust's a tough thing to come by these days."

And of course both movies hammer at this--and leave only one glimmer of what passes here for hope: Life is short. That's as cold as the last few minutes of The Thing, hunkered down for the last nasty shock--but Deckard in Blade Runner (Harrison Ford jumping at the opportunity to do Philip Marlowe, the last decent fellow in the room with a gun) kicks open the door, braces for the chill, and runs.


  1. I remember this movie! I havent seen it in so long though. I just checked to see if it was going to be on anytime soon and it looks like it wont be on again until Friday which is a bummer for me because I work on Friday. It's a good thing I work for Dish Network I can just stream the movie right to my phone. Did you hear they are making a prequel to this movie about what happened to the team who found the spaceship?

  2. Checked on the prequel: Could be pretty good. Here's a link to an interview/promo. Thanks for visiting my site.


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